With the Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon registration (successful transfer of race entry fee), you're automatically agreeing with the following race rules:

1. Rules
The race is organized in accordance with the rules of the Fédération suisse d’athlétisme (FSA-SLV), the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

2. Participation abilities
Only very well trained runners are able to join in the Zermatt Marathon. Every entrant is fully responsible of his state of health. To start shortly afterwards an infectious disease such as angina, influenza, etc... can be fatal. The dose against pains or drugs of the same kind before the start can also be mortal.

3. Checks
Identity, presence, way through or spot checks are made at the start point and along the run. Inopineous doping checks will be performed.

4. Assistance
The use of walking, skiing or any other sticks is forbidden, except crutches for physically handicapped runners proclaimed as by a medical certificate. The assistance by third parties or animals is forbidden. Not abide by those directives conduces automaticaly to the disqualification (cfr. § 10).

5. Escort vehicles
Escort vehicles of any kind are not allowed on the course in its entirety.

6. Act of protest/disqualification
The jury (Race direction) decrees about the disqualifications. Protest in writing form, properly explained and cautionned with a non-refundable deposit of CHF 50.- must be submitted to the person in charge of the finishing area (Zielchef) at the latest within 30 minutes after crossing the finishing line.
Any violation of the rules or any behaviour against the sportsmanship (short cuts, official guidelines not-observed, doping) leads to disqualification without discussion and without resort. Disqualification may be notified all through the course by a chief station. A disqualified runner, individual or in relay, is not entitled to any claim.

7. Termination, reimbursement
7.1. The Zermatt Marathon Association does not reimburse the entry fee.

Neither will your entry fee be transferred to the following year. A cancellation insurance can be purchased concurrently with online registration at For further information, please go to:

7.2. Should the race be cancelled or only partially run due to safety reasons, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee nor is the fee transferrable to the following year. The decision to cancel or break off the race is that of the Emergency Management Crisis Group.

8. »Cutoff«Times
Zermatt Bahnhofplatz: km 21.1 at 11.45 a.m.
Sunnegga: km 31.7 at 1.40 p.m.
Hotel Riffelalp Resort: km 39.1 at 2.55 p.m.
Riffelberg Finish: km 42.2 at 3.45 p.m.
Gornergrat Finish Ultra Marathon: km 45.6 at 4.45 p.m.

Every runner reaching out one of the control points out of the closing times will neither be ranked nor entitled to the Zermatt Marathon various utilities such as catering, sanitary points, prize, etc ... . A partial or entire reimbursement of the entry fee is rejected.

9. Liability, insurance
Insurance is the responsibility of every participant. Every participant must have his own personal accident coverage. The Zermatt Marathon Association will not be held liable for any accident, evacuation, hospital costs or sickness of marathon participants, viewers or third persons. Should a participant not start the race, they are not entitled to a entry fee refund.
The organisers take no responsibility for loss or any transport damages.

10. Security
The directives of the organization-medic or a course-controller will be strictly followed. Not abide by it induces automatically to the disqualification. A „out of race“ decision is beyond recall.

11. Abandonment, neutralization
Every runner abdicating the race must quickly present oneself at the nearest control point and must abide by the guidelines of the course-controller. In the same way in the event of neutralization due to serious conditions (thunder&lightning, fog, storm, etc...) on decision of the course-manager. In those cases the runner by showing his number at the ticket-offices of the Gornergrat Bahn and the Sunnegga Express gets a ticket to go back to Zermatt.

12. Bib number
The bib number is personal and not transferable. Papers are not forwarded.

13. Chip
The time chip is attached to the centre of your race bib. Personal chips cannot be used in lue of official chips! The race bibs are not to be folded, are always to be visible to the front, and should be worn on the chest area.

14. Equipment
The Zermatt Marathon evolves in an alpin environment; thereby the temperature disparity may be very wide from the start to the finishing line. It is advisable to have warm and from bad weather clothes in the luggage.

15. Hand luggage transport
At the running office, all the participants will receive with their number a bag identified by their personal number. Only official bags deposited in the Start-area will be transported in the finishing area.


16. Valuables
Before the start, valuables may be deposit near the information stand and will be conveyed in a safety container near the finishing line.

17. Change rooms near the Start and the Finishing Line (Ziel)
Distinct change rooms are at Women and Men disposal in the gymnasium and under canvas near the Start. Near the finishing line distinct change rooms and showers are also at disposal.

18. Warm-up area
In St. Niklaus, near the starting line, this area is plainly marked.

19. Sanitary services
First-aid stations close by each supplies station all along the course. From the Hotel Riffelalp, additional first-aid stations.

20. Awards
Each runner concluding the Zermatt Marathon within the time limit gets:
- one functional »Finisher-T-Shirt« and a medal (+ 5 CHF)
- natural prizes for the three fastest runners of each category
- the results on Internet and the certificate for download

Runners who are not present when the prizes are awarded are not entitled to receive a prize. No prize money will be paid retrospectively.

21. Results
Online at the day of the race

22. Car park
A number of places is available in St. Niklaus. In Grächen, close by St. Niklaus, places are also available in the storied car park. In Visp, parking is free for the Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) users going from Visp to St. Niklaus. Use of the public transport is the best way. A special daily ticket is available for the travelling companions (Marathon-Tagespass).

23. Doping
Unexpected doping controls may be completed at any time during the Zermatt Marathon.

24. Excluded from participating
Runners who have been punished or fined – irrespective of the type of sport - due to a doping offence (exclusion of a competition, exclusion of the association etc.), are excluded if repeated for lifetime from participating at the Zermatt Marathon.

25. Dogs
Walking with dogs is prohibited along the entire stretch.

26. Riffelberg as a finish for Ultra Marathon Runners
Runners who choose to stop on the Riffelberg and not continue up to Gornergrat Ultra Marathon finish line, will be included in the Marathon rankings. These runners will however, not be eligible for Zermatt Marathon category prizes or for awards in hard cash.

27. Publishing Personal Details
With registration, you automatically agree to the publication of your full name, year of birth, city of residence, nationality, start number, competition time and place in the ranking list of the event run. This permission is valid for mediums such as the Internet, printed media, television as well as TV via Teletext for the deaf as well as the post race announcement. Any photos or video taken during the event may be used by our running association without prior consent or financial restitution from/to the participant on either TV, Internet, association advertising, magazines or books. Unless a request is received to the above address in writing 2 weeks prior to the event, we reserve the right to pass on your postal and email address to partners (for example photo and video service, as well as sponsors).

28. Classification
Classification in the age groups within a competition is based on net times (actual time run from start to finish line). In the overall rankings, the first eight runners in the Marathon and the first three runners in the ULTRA and Half Marathon are ranked according to the time they finish. No net times are recorded after the start of the elite and block 1 (marathon and ULTRA), the running times are calculated from the starting shot.